Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm all out of iLove

My whole life teeters on a finely balanced, custom built, perfectly tuned iGalaxy. (Yes, I know, I’m an Apple whore)
The system is smarter than me. It’s intuitive. It gets me.
Like every harmonious relationship, you know that conflict is inevitable at some point in the future, but you can never imagine what will spark it off.
Last night, we had our first fight.
It’s still a little raw and maybe too soon to talk about it, but if I bottle it up, I’m afraid I may never get over it.
Ok...So…Last night…In one tragic moment, whilst backing up my iPhone, my MacBook took its last breath, causing my phone to go into anaphylactic shock and forcing it into an amnesiac state.
This, in turn, rendered me aphasic and left me mutely hysterical, running around in small circles, gasping and gagging.
As my iLife flashed before my eyes, I was further tormented by the taunting of my inner voice saying, “Go and find your Nokia E65 backup”.
Please, no! Not the Nokia. It has buttons, for heavens sake. How am I expected to work like this?
Needless to say, after 45 minutes or so of awkward fumbling and constant attempts to get the phone to respond to my misdirected caressing of its non-existent touch screen, I sedated myself.
After camping in front of the iStore this morning, my Apple Saviours got us communicating again. And although we’re talking, it can never be the same.
I can’t look at my iUniverse the same way. I will always be a tad gun shy. I’ll forever feel a tiny bit betrayed. A little sadness will linger about how easily the trust can be broken.
But for now, I’m going to work very hard at trying to recapture the iLove.
Baby Steps.

Auf Wiedersein Südafrika and Guten Tag Deutschland!

It’s been a while.
I thought I’d have more to say after a month absence but surprisingly not.
My passionate, issue-driven, opinionated alter-ego seems to have been replaced with a peace-loving, rain-dancing, sleep-deprived soul. I don’t even hate Trevor Noah right now. (Cue urgent intervention)
Although I’m not a big fan of living for a countdown, I’ll admit to doing so for my trip to Berlin. (8 days till takeoff)
2008 and 2009 were marked with a real sense of fun and adventure. There were a lot of firsts, much conquering of fears and many sleepless nights fueled by adrenaline, and, of course, Red Bull.
2010, has been fantastic but I think it might have been my most ‘adult’ year thus far. Besides many tequila throw-downs with Mexican Tourists, I’ve immersed myself in work with a renewed sense of focus and dedication to achieving goals and generally kicking ass. And although that’s been really rewarding, my adventurous side desperately craves a freefall of sorts. At this point, another ride in a rickety, old and not quite “road-worthy” helicopter will do.
So…Deciding I needed a holiday, picking Berlin as the destination, twisting the arm of a travel-buddy and booking the whole trip within 24 hours, enabled the adventurer in me. It allowed me to fool myself into believing I have no responsibilities!
So in 8 days I embark on an ‘anything goes’ adventure which is punctuated (mostly with exclamation marks!!!) by seeing Linkin Park live in concert!!! (In my head, I’m such a Rockstar)

So while I spend a week in the home of many of my ancestors, trying to avoid pork products, I will be present in every moment of my adventure. I will breathe it all in, I will sing along to the music, I’ll taste everything (except the pork products), and I’ll make a real effort to experience as much as I can, without ending up in a German jail.