Monday, August 20, 2012

Dear Trolls, Bullies and Hypocrites

Dear Trolls, Bullies and Hypocrites

Truthfully,  I think the open letter has been done to death, but seeing as you hide so skilfully and spinelessly behind your screens, I have no choice. 

Some time ago, I wrote a blog about how Twitter changed my life. And it has. Really. For the most part, it's still my favourite place to go and escape. As an avid people watcher, it's my little piece of heaven. By the looks of it, it's clearly still a great place for harmless flirtation, debate, news, networking and passing time when you can't sleep, you're in queues, or in traffic (illegal, yes, I know). 

I've met some of the most interesting, intelligent and enlightened people through Twitter. I've made great friends, acquired brilliant drinking partners and have been on the receiving end of endless support during shitty times. 

Here's what else I've been on the receiving end of...

You've wished  cancer, rape and death  on me. 

You've bullied me. You've threatened me with legal action. You've promised me I will rue the day I had a standpoint on morality. You've guaranteed me that you will ensure my career will suffer for it. 

I'm human. I want to be liked.  I have a big mouth, but those  who really know me know that I'm soft, sensitive and I hurt hard. It stings like fuck when someone comes after you. Do I wish I had thicker skin? Yes. Should I toughen up? Probably. 

You've posted some really intensely personal things about me (which have since been removed) in the comments of not only my blog, but on blogs I have contributed to. Trust me, it took me a very long time to get those voices in my head to pipe down a little. 

Many of us spend a lot of time walking around praying that others don't see us the same way we see ourselves. We hope to be met with kind eyes, but live in fear that we won't be. You trolls sure do know how to hit exactly where it hurts. A 140 character missile directly into the nether regions of your soul. 

Why? Why do you feel the need to hurt, humiliate or attack someone you don't even know? What is it about people receiving  positive attention that irks you so much? Is it that important for you to belittle others in order to gain a little meaning in your life? 

Twitter has become a breeding ground for you faceless cowards, bitter spineless little people who don't have the balls to speak up in the real world. 

Today was the perfect example...You can all obsess about buying followers and "fraud". I have never once seen Barry or Kirsty feel the need to humiliate anyone on Twitter. I've never seen them target anyone and relentlessly assassinate their character. I've never seen them wish disease on anybody. I have, however, seen all of those things directed at them (by you, of course). They're 2 of the more genuine, real people on Twitter and what you see is truly what you get with them. So throw words like fake around, you can be as caustic and sarcastic as you like about their 'influence', but if the bulk of their followers are fake and they have no influence at all, why is so much being written about them? Why do you care so much? Why are they even on your radar? Hmm. No influence. No influence at all. 

Your character and your influence is not measured by how many followers you have, but who you are when you're not anonymously lurking in the shadows of the internet. That, I'm afraid, leaves you trolls a little fucked. 

I look forward to the choice comments you'll *no doubt* be leaving on this post. Cocks. This time, I'm fighting back.