Friday, May 16, 2014

Dear @spillly

Dear @spillly,

We met in a dark corner of a bar too many years ago to really count. It was post Facebook, but pre Twitter.

We spent hours talking about everything and nothing.

I knew then that we’d be BFFE. What I didn’t know was the man you’d turn out to be.

You tweeted something this morning that blew my mind. You said “I don’t know when it happened, but I have become rather a nice guy. I like me. The new me.”

I love that. I love that you like yourself now as much as we’ve always liked you. The new you is bold, brave, fearless, open-minded, unbelievably smart and capable of anything. But I just want you to know that so was the old you. You’re just the better version of the old you now.

I thought you were amazing when you were just spilly with 2 Ls and no @. I thought you were cool even when you had a Blackberry much longer than you should have. I thought you kicked ass when you wanted to take selfies long before selfies were a thing.

Our friendship has changed shape and form a million times over the years, but your ability to make me laugh, your honesty (sometimes brutal) and your very unique perspective on the world, has meant that I have always liked who I am when I’m around you.

I’ve never had to edit myself or dumb myself down. I have always been able to be myself, for better and for worse. You’ve seen my happy face, my sad face, my cross face (sorry), my big girl tears face (even sorrier) and lots and lots of my fun face.

You’ve stepped out into the world on a brave new path and it’s turning out for you exactly as I always knew it would. There’s nothing you can’t do and there’s no one you can’t floor with your mind.

Work, stress and life will always mean that I don’t get to see your freckles as much as I’d like or chat as often as I’d want. Age and adulthood mean that we’ll probably no longer have conversations which consist mainly of sound effects. We most likely won’t head off on a spontaneous overseas trip again.

I have had the most fun with you. I have a million memories and a billion scars on my liver from you, but I somehow think there are more memories to be made and more drinks to be drunk.

Let’s be BFFs forever ever. Ok?