Friday, March 25, 2016

My Disneyland Diagnosis #fuckcancer

I am overwhelmed by the love, support, messages and calls I've received over the past five months. I'll never be able to fully describe how incredibly frightening it's been and how comforting it is to have so many special people in my corner.

The abridged version of my very long story is this...

After 11 biopsies, 12 different doctors, and more blood tests and scans than I can count, it turns out that the lymphoma was a misdiagnosis.

Since this journey started, I have been investigated for three different kinds of cancer in four different places in my body. (One of which only has a 6% survival rate, so you can imagine how fun googling that one was.)

It turns out that I only have one kind of cancer and it's in two different places. It's thyroid cancer, which, in the land of cancers, is basically Disneyland. 

In just less than two weeks, I'll be going in to have my thyroid and all the lymph nodes and tissue in my neck removed. (Even Disneyland has some scary rides.) The upside is that chemo is off the table for now and I'll most likely get away with a little bit of radioactive treatment.

Honestly, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world and can't wait for this chapter to be over so that I can move on and live a life that doesn't involve needles and waiting rooms.

Being referred to as a "cancer patient" is humbling as fuck. I have learnt unimaginably meaningful lessons and can truly say that I have never been more present in my life than in this scary part of it.

Again, thank you for keeping me close to your hearts and in your thoughts. 

I can't wait to leave Disneyland! x